Need A Little Hand has been set up to meet increasing demand for help at home. The idea behind the business came from my own experience in finding help at home for my parents. Dad had not long had a heart operation and mum was struggling to keep on top of all the household chores. At 76 years old they needed help with certain tasks, collecting shopping, vacuuming and maintaining the garden.

They didn't want to use a care company, they wanted a company that would offer senior citizens that extra help at home. It became clear as we scoured the internet that only care companies offered what we were looking for but dad did not want this option. The next option was a cleaner but this didn't help with the shopping or gardening, this meant mum and dad might have multiple people entering their home to give them the help they need, not ideal.

So Need A Little Hand was born, our initial aim was to offer help to senior citizens but we quickly realised that we could offer similar levels of help to parents who may have had an operation, recently had a new baby and don't have family near by that can help. In addition to senior citizens and parents we offer help to everyone, whether you're a busy professional or someone that wants help with a specific task, we are here if you Need A Little Hand.

Our company offers a bespoke package that can be tailored to suit the needs of senior citizens, parents and everyone.





We offer household services such as Pet Care, Cleaning, Grocery Shopping, Meal Preparation, Providing Company and much more.

So how does it work? You decide on the number of hours per week you'd like help. This could be anything from a single job for a few hours to a regular set of hours each week. During those hours you can choose from our menu of options to get the right help you need, one week you may require help with cleaning the next week it could be help with gardening or taking a trip to the doctors. The choice is yours.

The benefit for you as a Need A Little Hand client is one point of contact for your household needs. Our home helpers are fully screened,  DBS checked, insured and trained to give you peace of mind and a high quality service.

Another benefit of using Need A Little Hand is our straightforward, affordable pricing. We offer a fixed hourly rate, making our prices easy and simple to understand. Contact for more information on our pricing.

We cover Cambridgeshire and are expanding into parts of Bedfordshire. Please contact us to see if we are covering your area. Email: or call 01480 383340 to speak with an advisor.

Click here to see our menu of options for help at home for the Elderly

Click here to  see our menu of options for help at home for Parents

Click here see our menu of options for  help at home for Everyone


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Company Values

To deliver an exceptional standard of service to our customers, building longstanding relationships with trust, understanding and consistency at the core. Our bespoke offering allows each customer to get an individual quality service that's right for them. 

We are currently operating in Cambridgeshire and parts of Bedfordshire. Please contact us directly to see if we are covering your area.